Edgar B. Speer arrives Duluth

The final boat I would see pass under the bridge in 2013 (Saw 6 boats this season under the bridge) was the 1004 ft Edgar B. Speer of Great Lakes Fleet. I listened to the captain talk to the bridge operator for about a minute. I recorded the conversation.

“Hey there bridge, this is the Edgar Speer. Just lettin’ ya’ know we’re about 5 miles out.”
“Sounds good cap’, I uhhh, see ya’ out there, just give me a call when you’re a mile and a half out.”
“Yup, will do bridge. Hey uhh, how’s the ice in there? Safe enough to come in?”
“Yeah, we had a guy go out earlier and he broke it up pretty well [James R. Barker] so you should be fine to come in.”
“Alright, sounds good bridge. We’ll give you a call at a mile and a half.”
“Sounds good cap’.”
I then thought to myself, “my scanner is the best $4 investment in the history of the world.”

The Speer took about twenty minutes to line up and make it under the bridge. In this picture, it almost seems she wants to hit the South Pier light.



She then made it under the bridge, and I had my camera ready to photograph my 6th boat under the bridge this season.

DSCN5471 DSCN5479 DSCN5486 DSCN5487Until next time Duluth.


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Vassaborg at General Mills

The Wagenborg ship Vassaborg loaded wheat at General Mills Duluth on November 2nd, 2013. She departed about three hours later, which I was unable to catch. She was built in 2000 and is 433 feet long. vaasaborg

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Walter J. McCarthy, JR. loading in Two Harbors

It was about 45 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday at the break wall to see ships at the ore dock in Two Harbors when I took the picture. In other words, with it being in the upper 80′s down in the Twin Cites that week, it was really cold. The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. had been waiting for a while to load iron ore while the Arthur M. Anderson was taking their turn. It was around 7 am when this picture was taken, almost perfect light, and no digital editing was done to this photo. The McCarthy would then depart Two Harbors at 8 pm with her completed load.


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St. Clair leaving Duluth


I’m getting pretty good at catching the St. Clair. The past three times I’ve made it to the shore, she’s been at Two Harbors or Duluth. Here are some pictures of her from the shore up a couple miles from Canal Park. DSCN4352 DSCN4353 DSCN4375 DSCN4397 DSCN4427

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Thunder Bay visits CN for the first time

The new CSL Trillium Class ship Thunder Bay (the third to arrive of the four) made her first visit to CN to pick up iron ore. This was her third trip to the port; her previous two loading coal at MERC. She was built in 2013 and is 739 feet long. DSCN4502 DSCN4654 DSCN4667 DSCN4680

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St. Clair arrives Duluth

The St. Clair is seen here arriving Duluth empty to pick up 40,000 tons of iron ore at CN in West Duluth. Video of her arrival: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3YHfJJOJ4QST. Clair St. Clair St. Clair

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Watch the Kaye E. Barker arrive Duluth

Video I recorded of the Kaye E. Barker arriving Duluth. 

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